Who We Are



We believe in exceeding industry standards and our customers’ expectations. We aim to continually improve our quality processes and stay focused on our teams to produce high-quality hand crafted rose cones. We take great pride in the growth our our rose crops which are then brought to our production facility for de-petaling, sorting, curing and crafting into our end product. 



Founded and staffed by manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, marketing, logistics and flower farm operations experts, we’re on your team to achieve your goals. We are passionate about matching our passion for the industry and providing a high quality product for our distributors and wholesalers.


Nearly every business today relies on dedication and passion. Whether it is about their clients or the success of their product. It is not typically very difficult to hire people for a “job.“ However, businesses need staff members who can assess, analyze, organize, and interpret job expectations and duties while gaining passion for what they do. It’s our job as a business to provide that ongoing opportunity to grow. 

Additionally, training our staff also includes upskilling that includes caring for our customers. We work with our customers from the initial order to managing the shipment to our customer’s location. We provide order management, logistics, shipment tracking and more.

Our Mission



Rose Petal Cones is committed to be a participant not a spectator in the effort to make a sustainable world. We believe that we are responsible for the people that are affected by our industry as well as our environment. We are one of the few farms in Andes that produces organic roses.

We aim to adhere to best practices in our production facility in order to provide a fun and safe environment for our staff.

Additionally, we strive to produce the best quality rose cones in the market.

Our Programs

Freel free to reach out and discuss which is the best fit for you. We want to continually evolve our programs around wholesales, distributions and referrals.


Become a wholesale partnet and add more product sales to your bottom line.


Expand your distribution network with rose petal cones.


Enjoy your favorite product and get paid!