Grown & Hand Rolled with Care in the Andes Mountains


We are truly a seed to sale organization. Our roses are harvested at our organic farm in Andes. The entire production process is handled at our facility and shipped with care to our distribution site in the USA.


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Our Rose Cones

Rose Petal Cones are all-natural and 100% certified organic.  Our  organic rose petals are handpicked from our farm in the Andes Mountains. Then we select the best, blemish free petals to be sent to our rolling facilty. Each cone is hand-rolled to perfection for a more fun and clean way of smoking.

Our 100% organic rose petals and packaging are biodegradable, keeping up with our high eco-friendly standards.

Our rose cones do not contain filling, harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavoring, artificial glues, or artificial colors. Our rose cones are 100% natural and organic in order to provide a smooth consumer experience.

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